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in which four completely new heroes strive to survive amid an epidemic.
Thats just the original L4D... read more

Have never gotten around to playing this. Guess this is my chance. read more

Well after that Disaster, Team Ninja has alot to make up for, and stop with the violence on a nintendo game... read more

Well. This is probably gonna be the best game on the android for quite some time. read more

Well I know what I'll be downloading when I get home, this looks pretty damn fun (just like all the other fantastic... read more

I really wish Neoseeker had some racing fans LOL.

Well, im playing this. Anyone else? read more

I've yet to receive a patch, unless I already did when I got it from gamefly about a week and a half ago. In which... read more

I was kind of wondering how long it would take to release a patch, too bad from the time of its release to the... read more

Played it through repeatedly on PS3 after getting it on release. I had very few issues, framerate was only affected... read more

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You see where i'm going with this? your argument is invalid. It's like not buying a house beause it...
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Airwalked Well that's nonsense. And a poor comparison anyway. The reasons why you play a game are not black and... read more

^ Are you sure shaunybaby? A blue tint put you off playing a game you say you really enjoy playing? I Mean really?
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I thought the first and second hitman games were great. Didnt really care for the rest.

Series has...
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I barely play BF3 because of the tint, wouldn't be a problem from me if it was sporadic usage, but it's not, it's... read more

I'm not saying Mass Effect 3 was a bad game, it was not. And there are things the the extended endings did right.... read more

^It may be cheap enough oni, but it's still bullshit. Mass effect 3 was a great game you just have to ignore all the... read more

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Thank god for the gunship fix in rush. It was unplayable at times for the defending team if there was...
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Really excited they're releasing DLC info already.
Not too keen on challenge maps. I don't think they've ever really... read more

I think I'll back this. Just waiting on some clarification about the Bullseye reward >_> read more

See sorry, to me you just seem like a person who would have hated them either way.

that so called "Most important... read more