Oct 29, 12 6:35pm

Any chance Rodney Dangerfield is playable? read more

Oct 29, 12 3:35pm

I think they are talking about the fact that Nintendo is actually publishing this game, making it only the 3rd M... read more

Oct 29, 12 3:13pm

quote news
in which four completely new heroes strive to survive amid an epidemic.
Thats just the original L4D... read more

Celes Leonhart
Oct 29, 12 2:10pm

Have never gotten around to playing this. Guess this is my chance. read more

Oct 29, 12 2:02pm

Well after that Disaster, Team Ninja has alot to make up for, and stop with the violence on a nintendo game... read more

Oct 29, 12 1:48pm

Is this xperia play optimized? read more

Oct 29, 12 1:26pm

Well. This is probably gonna be the best game on the android for quite some time. read more

Aussie Legend
Oct 29, 12 12:33pm

Well I know what I'll be downloading when I get home, this looks pretty damn fun (just like all the other fantastic... read more

Oct 29, 12 12:25pm

I really wish Neoseeker had some racing fans LOL.

Well, im playing this. Anyone else? read more

Oct 29, 12 11:04am

I've yet to receive a patch, unless I already did when I got it from gamefly about a week and a half ago. In which... read more

Abyss Raider
Oct 28, 12 11:38pm

I was kind of wondering how long it would take to release a patch, too bad from the time of its release to the... read more

Oct 28, 12 12:49pm

Played it through repeatedly on PS3 after getting it on release. I had very few issues, framerate was only affected... read more

Oct 28, 12 12:25pm

quote Airwalked
You see where i'm going with this? your argument is invalid. It's like not buying a house beause it...
read more

Aulis Vaara
Oct 28, 12 9:41am

Airwalked Well that's nonsense. And a poor comparison anyway. The reasons why you play a game are not black and... read more

Oct 28, 12 9:12am

^ Are you sure shaunybaby? A blue tint put you off playing a game you say you really enjoy playing? I Mean really?
read more

Oct 28, 12 6:49am

quote ashantiqua
I thought the first and second hitman games were great. Didnt really care for the rest.

Series has...
read more

Oct 27, 12 5:33pm

I barely play BF3 because of the tint, wouldn't be a problem from me if it was sporadic usage, but it's not, it's... read more

Aulis Vaara
Oct 27, 12 10:26am

I'm not saying Mass Effect 3 was a bad game, it was not. And there are things the the extended endings did right.... read more

Oct 27, 12 9:19am

^It may be cheap enough oni, but it's still bullshit. Mass effect 3 was a great game you just have to ignore all the... read more

Oct 26, 12 10:08pm

quote ReganBRFC
Thank god for the gunship fix in rush. It was unplayable at times for the defending team if there was...
read more

Oct 26, 12 9:59pm

*bleep* YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read more

Oct 26, 12 9:49pm

Really excited they're releasing DLC info already.
Not too keen on challenge maps. I don't think they've ever really... read more