Did you get a beta key with that? because i've been looking for a beta key that comes with the game. The only... read more

wauw the graphics look amazing! looking forward too play this game! read more

Ecco the Dolphin used to scare the cr*p out of me! It's pretty much the same deal with Altered Beast but it's the... read more

quote THM
DMC still rocks....
I'm with you on that THM. I'm sure this game will cater for gamers on all sides, while I... read more

I played Closed Beta, when it went open and they released the SCAR, the game went to poop... I miss the good ol... read more

quote TommyVercetti101
Damn, this looks so damn amazing. If the PS4 or the Next Xbox don't look like this I will cry....
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This looks really good, I think a lot of people are being much to critical of a game that only just added a Demo. I... read more

This is a game I was really looking forward to, my Xbox Live subscription just ran out. Just my luck. Saw the... read more

I played the demo a good while back, and about a week ago watched a friend play it, which refreshed my memory.

I've... read more

Shadow of Death Another thought I had earlier today about how they might work in the appearances in other games is... read more

Sorry for the bump.

Later in 2013 (or maybe 2014), Wii U Basic should drop down to $199 and Wii U Deluxe should drop... read more

Corruption - Well, considering the plot is supposed to take place a mere handful or so years after the events of D1... read more

I am overjoyed to learn that there will be a legitimate sequel to my favorite game in the series with my favorite... read more

I didn't realize Ubisoft paid for it. All of it, I mean.

I didn't watch the credits, but I take it it's in there?
LOD-squa read more

quote A Person
It's really not that bad... I actually thought it was pretty accurate. At least the way the npc's...
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I played a few games in the Beta found it a bit underwhelming, I'm looking forward to the official release don't get... read more

Lmao that short wasn't too bad.

Believe it or not.. the actual Far Cry movie was far worse than that. read more

It doesn't make me want to buy the game (and considering the video was sponsored by the makers of the game this is... read more