Nov 26, 12 2:33pm

Alittle underwhelming with the equipment you gain from these modes, was expecting new stuff. Atleast it's free and I... read more

Nov 26, 12 2:21pm

While I don't think the inclusion of multiplayer harmed the singleplayer of Bioshock 2, I never really enjoyed the... read more

Nov 26, 12 2:00pm

The first Sniper Ghost Warrior was a surprising game. It was interesting, but didn't quite pull it off as I'd hoped... read more

Nov 26, 12 12:06pm


That's a happy battle cry if you're confused. read more

Nov 26, 12 11:43am

Awesome means more work done to the story and campaign instead. read more

Abyss Raider
Nov 26, 12 11:08am

Not just a good thing, a VERY good thing! read more

Nov 26, 12 9:30am

I only just played through BF3's single player this weekend. So now i actually know what the post earthquake setting... read more

Nov 25, 12 8:55pm

Loving the look of the Marketplace. It has a real CS feel to it which couple with BF3 action will be a deadly... read more

Nov 24, 12 11:37pm

I stopped looking forward to it when I started playing Hawken. read more

Nov 24, 12 8:39pm

Is it available on Android or Kindle? Would be fairly nice to bash around while pretending to the wife that I'm... read more

Nov 24, 12 7:54pm

Awesome. I wonder if they will make it as cheap as they did with the original. read more

Nov 24, 12 3:17pm

*Dies of too many rotten orgasms at once* read more

Nov 24, 12 8:50am

Will be nice to see what Squenix Montreal can pull off, I've been waiting for their chance to shine for a while now. read more

Coi Cki
Nov 24, 12 1:35am

Them bringing up CoD, IW and Treyarch with this... Here's hoping Hitman won't turn into another CoD. read more

Red 9
Nov 24, 12 1:17am

quote Batman
As long as they won't go the same direction as Assassin's Creed, i'm fine with it.
That was Ubisoft... read more

Nov 24, 12 1:02am

As long as they keep the sexy nuns, I'm cool with that. read more

Night Surgeon
Nov 24, 12 1:00am

Wait, so you're telling me that the revert was not in the game itself already? What the hell? It's been in every TH... read more

Nov 23, 12 7:41pm

As long as this new game didn't suck (havent touched it yet), could care less.

When I put my have over the disc i'm... read more

Abyss Raider
Nov 23, 12 6:49pm

Lady_Sparda Thank you for that review! Very well written and informative Big DMC lover, and I did play the demo,... read more

Nov 23, 12 5:07pm

Well far cry 3 on ps3 for me then, I was looking forward to the PC version.May as well settle for console. read more

Nov 23, 12 4:39pm

As long as they keep him bald, I'm happy with it... read more

Nov 23, 12 3:37pm

I wish more people would play this... read more