The first Sniper Ghost Warrior was a surprising game. It was interesting, but didn't quite pull it off as I'd hoped... read more


That's a happy battle cry if you're confused. read more

Awesome means more work done to the story and campaign instead. read more

I only just played through BF3's single player this weekend. So now i actually know what the post earthquake setting... read more

Loving the look of the Marketplace. It has a real CS feel to it which couple with BF3 action will be a deadly... read more

I stopped looking forward to it when I started playing Hawken. read more

Is it available on Android or Kindle? Would be fairly nice to bash around while pretending to the wife that I'm... read more

Awesome. I wonder if they will make it as cheap as they did with the original. read more

Will be nice to see what Squenix Montreal can pull off, I've been waiting for their chance to shine for a while now. read more

Them bringing up CoD, IW and Treyarch with this... Here's hoping Hitman won't turn into another CoD. read more

quote Batman
As long as they won't go the same direction as Assassin's Creed, i'm fine with it.
That was Ubisoft... read more

As long as they keep the sexy nuns, I'm cool with that. read more

Wait, so you're telling me that the revert was not in the game itself already? What the hell? It's been in every TH... read more

As long as this new game didn't suck (havent touched it yet), could care less.

When I put my have over the disc i'm... read more

Lady_Sparda Thank you for that review! Very well written and informative Big DMC lover, and I did play the demo,... read more

Well far cry 3 on ps3 for me then, I was looking forward to the PC version.May as well settle for console. read more

As long as they keep him bald, I'm happy with it... read more

As long as they change it back to how it used to be, I'm fine with it. read more

I stopped playing this game for literally no reason after I got it. I was having a ton of fun too. ;_;

I think I'll...
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