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they couldve made this into a perfect game but if they did they wouldve lost a lot of income
I don't... read more

they couldve made this into a perfect game but if they did they wouldve lost a lot of income read more

Are there any new cars added into the system? Making the cops more intelligent this time definitely adds up to my... read more

Another great franchise that deserves a reboot is Syndicate. Of course StarBreeze made the Syndicate FPS recently... read more

It's such wonderful timing. I just finished a major SNES Shadowrun kick on my dusty old console and was thinking its... read more

i had this game...but liked penumbra overture better read more

That looks amazing! The first picture looks so nice the surroundings are just Excellent. read more

I loved this game from the beginning. Quite honestly, it doesn't provide the grind fest of other games but that's a... read more

Wondering if there are promo cards available for the last 3 or 4 decks because it's only saying there's 30 cards in... read more

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not unless they decide to have 100 characters on-screen at a time!

This is hilarious. but if you... read more

I don't believe this game truly supports 5.1. That, or Ubisoft hasn't really fixed the issues plaguing their Uplay... read more

I also had that problem when I played the game first after purchase. I couldn't hear voices of the characters but... read more

you probably have your audio settings on 5.1 surround if you change it to stereo you should be fine

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The best PS3 game I have played in the last 3 years... read more

I just don't understand who would want to see the first 5 minutes of a game before playing it. The first 5 minutes... read more

Recent reports suggest that Wasteland 2 will launch in October. In fact, the first gameplay video is released today... read more

Really liking that Dwarven lookin dude.. That armor IS SO BAD ASS, its like a bunch of bricks connected with rope...... read more

I watched the trailer the other day, the game looks like a masterpiece, I can't wait to play it. The Crossbow is... read more

Did you get a beta key with that? because i've been looking for a beta key that comes with the game. The only... read more

wauw the graphics look amazing! looking forward too play this game! read more