While Contracts does have a grittier and more challenging spin on the classic levels, as said it still leaves out... read more

Hardcore mode would be nice, not sure why the did not add it anyway? read more

I still have a hard time imagining it... Metal Gear... Stylized Action... read more

long sigh. I have to wait a whole month for this *pops in bayonetta in the meantime*.

I hope it'll also include some... read more

Sad to hear, a demo would have been the ultimate decision for me getting this game... Good one, Kojima... :/ read more

It seems like it, which I don't understand. Codename 47 was an amazing game. My reason for believing... read more

Being one shotted by a 2 handed hammer is a balance issue, not a difficulty issue. The way being one shotted makes a... read more

I liked it too,a lot!
But the critics were like "this sucks!" read more

Nice to know Sonic is getting hits again.The Sonic 06 incident might be behind us.
I'll take both demos. read more

Ah. That's what I was wondering.

Kinda pointless to limit the number of times you can enjoy a free demo. It's up to... read more

For the first time in history, Konami has done a silly thing by releasing a region-locked demo! read more

Jesus!!!!...too many good games in January and February!!!!!! read more

You can download it again, but it will still have the same number of plays as when you deleted it. read more

i recently switched to the pc version of the game. so immediately i used mods and cheats to make my character... read more

What if you delete the content though? You can't download it a second time? read more

I do like mods that increase difficulty by non numeric means. It seems boring to simply have more damage, more... read more

Although it's not really needed seeing as Contracts is on here, I've always wondered if they'll ever release a... read more

A Person:
It's the same with the 3DS. You can download it and play all the plays, but afterward it will just display... read more

There's a limit on the number of times I can play the demo? So does that mean I can't wipe the content and download... read more

Yeah. I didn't even want to buy a Wii U, but there's a 99% chance that I'll buy one just to play DQ X. Still, it'd... read more