Ren of Heavens
Dec 14, 12 5:16pm

Update for 360 users:

quote EIDOS
We have received feedback from Microsoft and expect that the 360 Title Update will...
read more

Dec 14, 12 4:55pm

joy looks like i'll be playing my broken demo on Z.o.E. read more

Dec 14, 12 4:21pm

While Contracts does have a grittier and more challenging spin on the classic levels, as said it still leaves out... read more

Abyss Raider
Dec 14, 12 3:40pm

I'm very much looking forward to this! read more

Dec 14, 12 3:25pm

Hardcore mode would be nice, not sure why the did not add it anyway? read more

Abyss Raider
Dec 14, 12 3:22pm

I still have a hard time imagining it... Metal Gear... Stylized Action... read more

Dec 14, 12 3:06pm

long sigh. I have to wait a whole month for this *pops in bayonetta in the meantime*.

I hope it'll also include some... read more

Abyss Raider
Dec 14, 12 11:10am

Sad to hear, a demo would have been the ultimate decision for me getting this game... Good one, Kojima... :/ read more

Abyss Raider
Dec 14, 12 11:04am

It seems like it, which I don't understand. Codename 47 was an amazing game. My reason for believing... read more

Dec 14, 12 12:01am

Being one shotted by a 2 handed hammer is a balance issue, not a difficulty issue. The way being one shotted makes a... read more

Shadic Hearts
Dec 13, 12 6:53pm

I liked it too,a lot!
But the critics were like "this sucks!" read more

Shadic Hearts
Dec 13, 12 6:27pm

Nice to know Sonic is getting hits again.The Sonic 06 incident might be behind us.
I'll take both demos. read more

Dec 13, 12 5:22pm

Ah. That's what I was wondering.

Kinda pointless to limit the number of times you can enjoy a free demo. It's up to... read more

Dec 13, 12 5:00pm

They really disown Codename 47, don't they? read more

Dec 13, 12 4:25pm

For the first time in history, Konami has done a silly thing by releasing a region-locked demo! read more

Dec 13, 12 4:23pm

Jesus!!!!...too many good games in January and February!!!!!! read more

Dec 13, 12 4:12pm

You can download it again, but it will still have the same number of plays as when you deleted it. read more

Dec 13, 12 2:57pm

i recently switched to the pc version of the game. so immediately i used mods and cheats to make my character... read more

Dec 13, 12 1:43pm

What if you delete the content though? You can't download it a second time? read more

Dec 13, 12 1:16pm

I do like mods that increase difficulty by non numeric means. It seems boring to simply have more damage, more... read more

Abyss Raider
Dec 13, 12 12:59pm

Although it's not really needed seeing as Contracts is on here, I've always wondered if they'll ever release a... read more

Dec 13, 12 12:59pm

*bleep* the Vanu. Purple scum. NC FOR LIFE! read more

Dec 13, 12 12:44pm

A Person:
It's the same with the 3DS. You can download it and play all the plays, but afterward it will just display... read more