So slow, if I have to push a an wait for him to take for ever to climb, even moving superhuman my... read more

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I am pretty glad that they made this version. I mean it looks really cool and everything. I just... read more

This is the latest update if anyone is interested which also includes Essos.

Just started is up...
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I've been playing Torchlight 2 for almost 2months now and cant get enough. It's a really addictive... read more

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the spas12 is a pump action shotgun
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just got the demo and its amazing! defiantly buying the full version. the demo provides quite a bit of gameplay! read more

Woah, this is soooo exciting! Can't wait for the game now, haha. xD read more

I have heard many positives of the Cyberpunk games and want to try one game soon. The demo game... read more

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I still have yet to try it...
I do as well. It makes me want to get back into this series. read more

hello guys

i new here... i just cant save the schawger .. i want o skip this mission...
and i dont... read more

While we still be waiting for its release for several months, at least, we know that it's coming. According to a... read more

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As we've seen in a couple previous articles this month, the large companies aren't willing to take...
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I've read 2 books and I've got to say that I like Geralt from the game a lot better than Geralt from the books; in... read more

Liked the idea of the game, an MMO based on NFS with Carbon and Most Wanted maps combined. But damn... 200,000... read more