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If you haven't played Zeno Clash or Hoard yet, or have never gotten over your love for 80s dungeon crawlers, the... posted Feb 10, 12 1:42pm

We heard word of it one month ago, and now it's a little closer to reality -- ACE Team's brawler Zeno Clash is set... posted Sep 22, 09 3:51pm

Developers of fighting-adventure-whatever the heck Zeno Clash, ACE Team, are new to the gaming scene, so the... posted Aug 17, 09 3:38pm

As assured since the game's release, ACE Team has now published the Software Development Kit (SDK) for their... posted Jul 29, 09 4:40pm

Jan 22, 09 6:57pm
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Here at Neoseeker, we have a special place in our hearts for this bizarre title Zeno Clash. Developed out of... posted Jan 22, 09 5:27pm

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  • "Final impression: as an indie game, it has the expected kookiness to make it stand out. As a game, however, it's rather bland. ZenoClash"
    Dark Arcanine May 19, 11 2:47am
  • "Finished it. Pretty disappointed by the end too to be honest. ZenoClash"
    Dark Arcanine May 18, 11 7:38pm
  • "This game isn't helping itself; it crashed on me already. Had one genuinely interesting fight so far. ZenoClash"
    Dark Arcanine May 17, 11 4:43am
  • "Finally bothered to download it. It's okay, but not that interested so far. Just moving from one area to the next with a few punch-ups. ZenoClash"
    Dark Arcanine May 16, 11 7:13pm
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