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Tactical title XCOM: Enemy Unknown isn't launching until next week, but 2K has decided to try and get you hyped... posted Oct 04, 12 7:02am

Though PC gamers can already try out the demo for tactical game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, console gamers are still... posted Sep 28, 12 7:27am

A new trailer for tactical game XCOM: Enemy Unknown features CG action, some basic story, and a sprinkling of... posted Aug 24, 12 6:49am

Seven screenshots for the upcoming tactical game XCOM: Enemy Unknown are in from gamescom, and feature (surprise)... posted Aug 15, 12 7:14am

We've known for some time tactical game XCOM: Enemy Unknown was launching toward the end of this year, but now we... posted May 22, 12 6:27am

Back in March we provided a look at XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its "glam cam" -- essentially a kill cam highlighting... posted May 07, 12 6:50am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=366] Last week's gameplay footage of XCOM: Enemy Unknown got a lot of PC... posted Mar 16, 12 1:37pm

Right now we've got about the best look at Firaxis' XCOM "reimagining" to date with this new "Deep Dive" diary,... posted Mar 06, 12 9:28am

You first got a peek at the X-COM reimagining/remake Monday, but naturally, one screenshot isn't much to go by.... posted Jan 11, 12 12:17pm

Firaxis' X-COM remake/reimagining thing XCOM: Enemy Unknown sees its first screenshots and details today which we... posted Jan 09, 12 10:27am

Putting it bluntly, 2K's more or less straight up shooter XCOM has been pissing off a lot of oldtime fans of the... posted Jan 05, 12 8:34am

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