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  • "I've finished World of Goo! I want more levels, so they'd better make a sequel... time for a review! WorldOfGoo"
    Dark Arcanine Jan 19, 11 9:08am
  • "Where are the achievements in this game!? Haha. WorldOfGoo"
    Dark Arcanine Jan 7, 11 1:03am
  • "This game is surprisingly addictive. The puzzle/strategy is very well done, being simple in design, yet complex in play (until you get it). WorldOfGoo"
    Dark Arcanine Jan 6, 11 6:04am
  • "Has that de Blob-esque sense of cuteness to it. So far it's been relatively interesting, very simple controls immerse you immediately. WorldOfGoo"
    Dark Arcanine Jan 5, 11 12:22am