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The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle proved a hit earlier this year, raising nearly one million dollars as of April. The... posted Sep 28, 11 10:51am

The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle has broken the $700,000 mark, and with that, developer Frozenbyte has added some... posted Apr 22, 11 9:46am

The fantasy platformer (and a bunch of other stuff) TRINE seems to be nearing perfection. In light of its one... posted Jul 2, 10 9:45pm

Yet another patch has just been released for Frozenbyte's fantasy game TRINE, including several major changes and... posted Apr 9, 10 3:35pm

Frozenbyte's fantasy TRINE sees a new patch for the PC version released, bringing with it various tweaks, fixes,... posted Nov 3, 09 9:02pm

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TRINE is fabulous, and if you don't believe us, try out the demo developer Frozenbyte has put out today, available... posted Jun 25, 09 10:37pm

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From time to time, we like to highlight those games in the industry that offer a little something different at... posted Apr 7, 09 3:27pm

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  • "Theme song rules Trine"
    Rhn4star0 Apr 28, 14 6:49pm
  • "Finally finished the last level; it's just the first bit that gives you trouble. Shame you don't actually kill the antagonist. Trine"
    Dark Arcanine Jun 12, 11 1:33am
  • "Up to the last level and am replaying previous ones to collect all the green vials. Trine"
    Dark Arcanine Jun 6, 11 7:40pm
  • "Right near the end and experiencing some genuine difficulty now. Not fussed about the Knight's hammer, haha. Trine"
    Dark Arcanine Jun 5, 11 12:52am
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