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A new update for PC shooter Tribes: Ascend has added several new weapons to the game in addition to another map... posted Sep 13, 12 7:02am

Tribes: Ascend is getting in on that whole Double XP thing starting tomorrow. The event will last from then up... posted Aug 31, 12 7:28am

A new update has hit shooter Tribes: Ascend, adding the new CTF Blitz mode, classic Tribes 2 voices, and some... posted Aug 23, 12 7:35am

If you've held off or ignored free to play shooter Tribes: Ascend, now's a good a time as any. The game recently... posted Jun 28, 12 6:59am

The next update for shooter Tribes: Ascend will add more maps, free item upgrades, and lots more guns. I don't... posted Jun 13, 12 7:19am

Tribes: Ascend players will soon see a major update to the shooter which brings in more weapon rebalancing, a... posted Jun 6, 12 7:45am

Brute class players in Tribes: Ascend should be pleased with the latest patch, in which the big guy gets... posted May 23, 12 7:07am

Free-to-play PC shooter Tribes: Ascend has seen 1.2 million downloads since its official launch in April -- not... posted May 16, 12 6:53am

Yet another patch is available for shooter Tribes: Ascend, and it's a solid one. Besides a new map each for... posted May 9, 12 7:24am

After months and months of beta testing, free to play shooter Tribes: Ascend has finally hit version 1.0 -- the... posted Apr 11, 12 3:52pm

As promised, shooter Tribes: Ascend is in open beta as of...right now, so you have all weekend to frag til you... posted Feb 24, 12 10:34am

PC shooter Tribes: Ascend has been going strong in closed beta form for months now, so the time has come to open... posted Feb 22, 12 8:49am

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