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Whether you were dissatisfied with Diablo 3 for whatever reasons or just want some more action RPG love in your... posted Sep 21, 12 7:23am

I was thoroughly impressed with action RPG Torchlight 2 just in beta form, noting it "feels pretty polished and... posted Sep 19, 12 7:06am

[image1 width=650 height=366] Developer Runic Games is swaggering about with an infographic showing how much... posted Jul 23, 12 7:10am

I recorded quite a bit of footage for my Torchlight II preview, but could only fit one video in, so naturally the... posted May 24, 12 7:29am

May 23, 12 10:54am

The final player count for multiplayer in Torchlight II is not yet set, though Runic Games' CEO Max Schafer says... posted Jul 12, 11 1:30pm

If you were or are still into Torchlight's robust modding community, you'll be happy to learn the sequel will... posted Sep 8, 10 10:31pm

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  • "Started up a new character Sir Charles XII, and his Bulldog, Crumpet. I think Redemption should start playing as well. Torchlight2"
    tekmosis Mar 6, 13 9:51am
  • "just got this from our friends at StrategyWiki, woot! Torchlight2"
    Redemption May 22, 12 6:56pm
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