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Electronic Arts has been losing quite a bit of money the last few years, despite publishing and developing a very... posted May 11, 10 10:08pm

After selling many millions of the PC and Mac version since its launch last summer, The Sims 3 will finally be... posted Apr 27, 10 3:54pm

[image2 link=yes width=345 height=52] Though technically released a few weeks ago, the beta version of The... posted Jan 12, 10 2:02am

P2P monitoring website Torrentfreak has released its figures for 2009, showing us the top five titles per... posted Dec 28, 09 1:05am

A fresh patch for The Sims 3 as well as its expansion World Adventures has been released today, moving... posted Dec 16, 09 10:34pm

Piracy is a big problem in PC gaming, as many know, but it's no stranger to consoles either. While it may appear... posted Dec 9, 09 7:09pm

EA Play's massively successful The Sims 3 hasn't seen an update since the summer, so if anything's been bothering... posted Nov 18, 09 7:22pm

When we talk about PC gaming as a big picture, it's virtually impossible to avoid the topic of piracy and how to... posted Sep 11, 09 5:14pm

[image5 link=yes width=132 height=130] Repeating the massive success of previous series incarnations, Electronic... posted Aug 3, 09 6:58pm

Though Electronic Arts (EA) had spoken of in-game advertising in The Sims 3 prior to its release, for the last few... posted Jun 25, 09 3:58pm

We've noted previously piracy for Electronic Arts (EA)'s The Sims 3 has been massive. As it turns out, they're... posted Jun 23, 09 3:36pm

Though suffering $1 billion in losses over the last year and laying off over 1,100 people, Electronic Arts (EA)... posted Jun 10, 09 3:49pm

So much for our piracy argument: though Electronic Arts (EA) wonderfully elected not to use heavy digital rights... posted May 28, 09 6:40pm

The Sims 3 is undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest titles of 2009, and it probably wouldn't be out of line to... posted Apr 2, 09 3:49pm

It's fairly common knowledge Electronic Arts (EA) are one of the most notorious entities for utilizing Digital... posted Mar 21, 09 6:49pm

Mar 13, 09 3:46pm
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Feb 6, 09 8:22pm

मुक्ति says:
there are eight expansion packs, six different editions, and four spin off SERIES
the sims: ikea home stuff
i told kevin if i was friends with someone and they bought that one i would stop being friends with them
i was addicted to the first one for a couple months about then that was enough for me
no problem with t he main games
but four pages worth?
thats *bleep*ed up
nobody needs that shit
especially not a *bleep*ing ikea themed sims
jesus christ
i want to puke and die
will wright can *bleep* my *bleep*ing *bleep*

PS: To everyone freaking out about the Sims 3 delay -- get a freakin life!

musingsthoughts neoseeker related gaming related
Feb 3, 09 10:10pm
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Much like Tetris, The Sims is another franchise that's just really hard to picture as being adapted into film. Well,... posted Sep 22, 08 4:06pm

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