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If you loved the JSawyer Fallout: New Vegas mod, BOY DO I HAVE AN OFFER FOR YOU! A new mod for Skyrim, known as... posted Dec 12, 12 7:51am

Elder Scrolls V: Skryim expansion Dragonborn is launching tomorrow via Xbox LIVE, as you likely know by now. If... posted Dec 3, 12 8:01am

Hold everything you're doing: a FLAMING HORSE MOD has been released for Skyrim. Because, you know, the only thing... posted Oct 10, 12 8:00am

Another day, another delightful mod. Today's takes the world of Skyrim and turns it into Mario World, complete... posted Oct 5, 12 7:16am

The latest video from Skyrim machinima creator Tyrannicon is the opposite of his usual epic and serious work:... posted Sep 28, 12 7:35am

The massive scale to which the mod scene will go to at times never fails to amaze; currently modder Eloth and... posted Sep 21, 12 7:36am

A mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim -- Shannara Weapon set -- has just been released on the Skyrim Workshop,... posted Sep 10, 12 7:32am

YouTube user Tyrannicon is back once more with another excellent machinima video based on Skyrim, though this... posted Aug 27, 12 7:32am

World renown YouTube director Tyraniccon...Okay, just kidding; let me start that again. Ahem. YouTube user... posted Jul 30, 12 7:11am

Since launching the Skyrim Workshop via Steam last February, mod downloads there have exceeded 13.6 million.... posted May 3, 12 6:50am

Since its release last week, the Skyrim Workshop has seen over two million mods downloaded from the over... posted Feb 14, 12 9:26am

Yesterday we compared vanilla Skyrim on PC to its newly enhanced self following the released of the official High... posted Feb 8, 12 4:49pm

Today Bethesda released the High Resolution Texture Pack (HRTP) for the PC version of Skyrim today. Naturally, we... posted Feb 7, 12 3:59pm

Bethesda and Valve have teamed up to celebrate today's release of the Skyrim Creation Kit and Workshop by... posted Feb 7, 12 12:27pm

You probably already know the Skyrim Creation Kit and Workshop were due to launch today, and indeed, both... posted Feb 7, 12 10:30am

Modders and mod users, get excited: after much waiting, Bethesda's Creation Kit is releasing Tuesday, presumably... posted Feb 3, 12 1:29pm

Skyrim owners and modders alike have been waiting patiently for the launch of Bethesda's Creation Kit and the... posted Feb 1, 12 8:39am

One of the advantages of PC gaming is developers can just throw out updates quickly, with no certification or QA... posted Jan 23, 12 1:44pm

First there was that "Macho Man" Randy Savage mod for Skyrim, and now we've got something similar featuring a... posted Jan 19, 12 8:20am

Bethesda games have long been limited in the RAM department (among others), but today that changes. A new teensy... posted Dec 20, 11 3:33pm

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