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Fans have been modding the excellent shooter Serious Sam 3 for awhile, but now it gets better and easier, because... posted Nov 2, 12 7:05am

The campaign expansion for shooter Serious Sam 3: BFE launches today on PC and tomorrow with the vanilla game on... posted Oct 16, 12 7:24am

Yet more Serious Sam 3 DLC is on the way. Titled Jewel of the Nile, this next bit features three more campaign... posted Oct 5, 12 6:54am

It's Friday, so as it often does here, that means it's time for random entertainment. Right now we've got an... posted Feb 24, 12 11:21am

Nov 25, 11 2:32pm

The latest trailer for Serious Sam 3 BFE shows off all the game's various weapons, from the standard shotgun to... posted Oct 28, 11 10:02am

Originally set to launch October 18, arcade-style shooter Serious Sam 3 has been delayed to November 22. posted Sep 30, 11 7:01am

Devolver Digital's Serious Sam 3: BFE is not your normal shooter, if you haven't picked up on that yet. With no... posted Sep 2, 11 10:10am

We've got a gory new Serious Sam 3: BFE trailer for you that lives up to the "no cover, all man" slogan. Check it... posted Aug 23, 11 9:04am

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=364] Headless Kamikazes, if you've not yet been acquainted, are one of the... posted Jul 8, 11 11:27am

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