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The latest video for pirate RPG Risen 2: Dark Waters focuses on the choices you'll make throughout the game, and... posted Jul 25, 12 6:46am

Piranha Bytes began promoting Risen with a series of "mood trailers" -- a group of pleasant, ambient scenes from... posted Jun 27, 12 7:11am

I've been yelling at you all for awhile now to play pirate RPG Risen 2: Dark Waters. If you still haven't given... posted Jun 22, 12 6:59am

If you dig pirate RPG Risen 2 like we did, you may be interested in this newly released "Air Temple" DLC. The... posted May 28, 12 6:50am

Part six of the "Making Of" series for pirate RPG Risen 2 goes into the game's story, dialogue, character... posted May 11, 12 7:10am

We gave Risen 2 high accolades in our review, but did note somewhat concerning performance issues. A new patch... posted May 10, 12 6:54am

If you're not yet exciting about pirate RPG Risen 2, today's trailer should help. Promoting tomorrow's PC launch... posted Apr 26, 12 3:12pm

Apr 23, 12 2:31pm

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If you're looking to get a good feel for Piranha Bytes' pirate RPG Risen 2, the videos below are your ticket.... posted Apr 3, 12 6:07pm

Today's Risen 2 trailer follows standard trailer formula (epic music + periodic voice overs + action = yes), but... posted Mar 23, 12 9:36am

Another batch of screens in today for Piranha Bytes' pirate RPG Risen 2. In a formidable display depicting why... posted Mar 19, 12 2:09pm

Those hankering for the sequel to 2009's superb RPG Risen should know the release date: April 24 for North... posted Dec 14, 11 6:48am

Putting its money where its mouth is, publisher Deep Silver is planning on shipping one million units of pirate... posted Aug 29, 11 8:34am

The dispute between Gothic and Risen series developer Piranha Bytes and its former publisher JoWood has long been... posted May 6, 11 10:20am

Apr 21, 11 5:58pm
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The very first trailer for Risen 2: Dark Waters is here, and it's a good one, continuing awhile after the events... posted Apr 13, 11 2:43pm

Risen is one of the finest RPGs we've played, so like many, we've been quite looking forward to the sequel, posted Feb 19, 11 10:06pm

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