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There's a free weekend and sale on right now for Tripwire Interactive's World War 2 shooter Red Orchestra 2. If... posted Dec 14, 12 8:20am

The "Fall 2012 Free Content Pack" has arrived for shooter Red Orchestra 2, bringing with it a new map and an... posted Nov 20, 12 7:31am

Yet another game has been added to the pile of games that support Valve's Steam Workshop: World War 2 shooter Red... posted Nov 5, 12 7:32am

Two quality Tripwire Interactive games -- Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2 -- are getting some modding love.... posted Sep 24, 12 7:01am

Fans of hardcore shooter Red Orchestra 2 will want to check out the video below, which walks you through its... posted Sep 5, 12 7:30am

Now that the leg work is complete on the game itself as of the last major patch, Red Orchestra 2 developer... posted Jun 15, 12 7:15am

World War II shooter Red Orchestra 2 recent got an overhaul in the form of a GOTY Edition patch, bringing heaps... posted Jun 8, 12 7:57am

I loved World War II shooter Red Orchestra 2 as you may have gathered from my review, but it sure wasn't easy.... posted May 23, 12 7:24am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=366] Contrary to its rocky launch, hardcore shooter Red Orchestra 2 seems... posted Feb 10, 12 9:34am

The community for Tripwire's multiplayer shooter Red Orchestra 2 has been waning considerably since it's rocky... posted Jan 11, 12 8:39am

Red Orchestra 2 has proven a hit for Tripwire Interactive, breaking records all over the place. Keeping the... posted Oct 18, 11 2:42pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=276] World War II shooter Red Orchestra 2 has done well by developer... posted Oct 4, 11 2:40pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=293] Update: the patch is now live, but unfortunately doesn't seem to... posted Oct 3, 11 1:40pm

If last month's Red Orchestra 2 multiplayer trailer didn't quite do it for you, today's may. It's pretty bare... posted Sep 13, 11 1:34pm

We've seen bits of multiplayer action for Tripwire's shooter Red Orchestra 2 over the last few months or so now,... posted Aug 23, 11 9:15am

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