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Red Faction and Saint's Row series developer Volition says they're now committed to the PC, and won't be... posted Mar 17, 11 1:11pm

The second patch for the PC version of Red Faction: Guerilla is now live. Those who download it will be treated... posted Apr 7, 10 7:29pm

Microsoft's download service Games on Demand has just launched on the PC via Games for Windows LIVE (GfWL). As... posted Dec 16, 09 12:46am

Who says Microsoft doesn't support the PC? Well, we do. But it gets a little better today: the previously... posted Dec 3, 09 8:57pm

THQ sure knows how to promote a game: in light of the recent launch of Red Faction: Guerilla, they decided yesterday... posted Jun 11, 09 3:21pm

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