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Awful, blurry textures have been one of the more significant issues in the PC version of RAGE (see below), but at... posted Nov 15, 11 11:18am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=329] Update: the patch is now live on Steam. It adds the options noted... posted Oct 7, 11 11:15am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=280] As noted in our PC review of RAGE earlier today, the game is not up to... posted Oct 5, 11 5:46pm

Oct 5, 11 12:07pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=275] Update: our tweak guide is right here. Update: the correct... posted Oct 4, 11 10:54am

DICE has been noting mod tools for Battlefield 3 would be difficult due to the complexity of the engine, and that... posted Aug 8, 11 2:06pm

The latest behind the scenes video for RAGE is in, this time showing off the variety of enemies as divided by... posted Jul 28, 11 10:39am

The latest 'Behind the Scenes' video for id's shooter RAGE dives into your arsenal of weaponry. Sadly, not much... posted Jul 14, 11 1:01pm

id noted back in October there'd be no real PC bonuses for its part-shooter Rage. Well, it seems things have... posted May 5, 11 11:22am

A new gameplay video for id's RAGE is here, providing some gameplay from the "Dead City" mission, in which you... posted Apr 18, 11 9:42am

Almost any PC gamer will list id Software as one of their favourite companies -- they pioneered the platform with... posted Oct 11, 10 4:46pm

First revealed in 2007, id's FPS / racing game RAGE won't be out anytime soon. The company's creative director... posted May 4, 10 4:46pm

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  • "Finished the game in 6 hours. To be honest, I expected it to be longer based on the storyline. Quite disappointing! RAGE"
    tekmosis Jul 24, 12 10:48pm
  • "Buggy races ftw! RAGE"
    bloodyvamp Apr 2, 12 10:57am
  • "its the love affair of quake and doom and the cousain of fallout RAGE"
    nasty nappa Jan 22, 12 4:14pm
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