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Ben Mattes is the producer for the recently released Prince of Persia (PoP) game. In a post-mortem interview, he... posted Dec 23, 08 5:42pm

chautemoc blogged
Jan 5, 09 8:37pm

So yeah, I received my copy of Prince of Persia for the PC in the mail the other day. Unfortunately I haven't been able to actually get into it as it's had multiple game-stopping bugs. First its my audio driver (doesnt like it apparently), then the thing just keeps crashing/freezing, sometimes giving me an exe error (research says this is due to single core processors, but I have a dual core), then its the video driver (some common nvidia problem). Sigh. I seem to have fixed the first and last problem -- but it crashes/freezes on me all the time. Still waiting on Ubisoft to get back to me via email -- should be today or tomorrow. I cant even call them because their support line isn't toll free! Augh.

What tastes I've had of the game I've really enjoyed..but I'll wait until this gets rectified to post my thoughts.

Update: got back to me first business day. Testing now. :)
Update 2: still crashes, just less often. :(
Another email from Ubisoft soon, I hope..

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chautemoc blogged
Dec 26, 08 1:06am

Something cool I came across whilst obsessing over Prince of Persia:

1. Concept
The first thing decided upon for any trailer we make is the overall concept of the trailer, what’s the purpose behind it, what we want to show and how we want to show it. In order to fit with the game’s artistic mood, it was clear from the beginning that we needed to have beautiful trailers with strong music to really move people when they watch it.
And so on. :)
Dec 26, 08 12:24am
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