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[image1 width=225 float=right] We knew Oddworld Inhabitants and recent partner Just Add Water had five... posted May 2, 11 10:01am

If you purchased the Oddboxx on Steam this week, you were likely very disappointed with what you got from the two... posted Dec 23, 10 5:47pm

Free soundtrack sampler available here. At long last, the Oddworld PC collection known as the Oddboxx has... posted Dec 20, 10 7:34pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=413] As the release draws near, the Oddbox -- which boasts four Oddworld... posted Dec 15, 10 6:22pm

Though by now it seems the Oddboxx we've mentioned wouldn't see the light of day this year as assured, Oddworld... posted Dec 6, 10 4:42pm

[image1 width=230 height=350 float=right] Last year we'd written about The Oddbox, a complete Oddworld PC... posted Apr 19, 10 5:47pm

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