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chautemoc blogged
Feb 22, 09 9:00am

Well, it's terribly late, but as I said last month, I have some further Mirror's Edge impressions.

But first, the reason for the delay is those errors I mentioned. Well, they're gone! I'm not sure if I fixed it or if it was the upgrading of hardware, but anyway it's gone! Unfortunately I seem to be getting some stuttering still in games, though it's only really bothersome in Prince of Persia (as in, to the point I don't like to play it), which I think is a problem with the game itself, as many people on the internets suffer the same thing.

As for hardware, I recently picked up some sweet RAM for dirt cheap (up to 2GB now, and the speed is much higher), and thanks to Kevin and Redemption (as you know him), I acquired this gorgeous video card for cheap (considering). I've been telling people it's a beast in a tank wrapped in a tornado. It's true!

So the only thing really left to get to complete my rig is a monitor. My current one is fine for werk and all, but for gaming, it's crap. Kevin says using the R4830 on my monitor (which only supports a max 1024x768 resolution) is "like driving a Ferrari in a parade". Worse, I've been playing ME in 800x468 to kill the awful. This is the one I'm going to get, hopefully sooner rather than later. Naturally I'll be blathering like an idiot once it's mine. :)

Regarding the stuttering issue, I'm wondering if it might be related to this crap arse monitor somehow. Hopefully everything is (vegetarian) gravy once I get that.

So, Mirror's Edge. It's *bleep*ing FUN. The only real complaint I have about it is you maybe get stuck too often, which interrupts the flow of the game. However, I'm starting to become more accustomed to the game idiosyncrasies and am finding myself welcoming its challenges (mostly anyway). BUT, I am still bent on this 'free run mode' idea, and feel this would be the perfect counterpart to the challenge story mode presents. Especially with the could be so fun. If it or something like it isn't in the sequel, I'm gonna be pissed.

Also, runner vision is for wusses. I can confirm this, and my speculations about the 'exploration' feel being there without it were accurate..the game is not too challenging without it, though naturally you will probably die more often (from the Blues, most likely), especially if you try not to rely on the help function like I do. Similar thing for not using guns -- you just kinda get used to it. I certainly prefer not to use them.

Combat is annoying as hell til you get the hang of it. Once you do though, it's the best thing ever. So satisfying. Speaking of which, partly for you guys, I redid this one section in the game until it was to my satisfaction, and recorded it. Check it:

(Full screen version can be found here.)

The game is also gorgeous, even on this monitor and at such an awful I can't wait to behold it on the new one. Yum!

So basically for anyone open to it, it's a must have, especially on PC! :)

pc pc hardware gaming related MirrorsEdge
chautemoc blogged
Jan 19, 09 7:49pm

Some of you may be familiar with all the ragging I do on DRM, especially with Electronic Arts who seem to be the most notorious for it overall.

Well, me being the diplomat I am, ended up in a discussion with one of the customer support people at EA following me stating I would no longer be purchasing Mirror's Edge upon seeing the DRM it had (the copy I played was borrowed if yer wondering).

Anyhow, I think it's really quite something, so maybe you'll enjoy it too.

(Note that for efficiency, these are excerpts, though most of the dialogue is retained. Keep in mind in my original email, I was being a bit of a jerk, so I'm not at all opposed to his reactions. DRM gets me crazy!)


I have many EA games that use SecuROM and I have, not once, had any troubles with this form of DRM. Generally the only people that have issues with SecuROM are pirates. Furthermore, purchasing games funds these developers that make the games that you like so much. So you deny the developers this money which could go towards developing a new game. Good job.

Even if you want to discount the troubles (which, yes, would not arise with everyone, but do have an effect for some, and do potentially negate testing to some extent), there are still the principles (I'll get to those in a moment).

"Generally the only people that have issues with SecuROM are pirates."

What do you mean by this? Technical issues or just opposition? If technical issues, this is completely untrue as pirated versions do not have SecuROM. If you mean opposition, this is not true either. I know many people which buy games with SecuROM on them but do not like it, it's just worth it for them, and that I understand.

I know it means I'm not supporting the developer (financially, as I do it in other ways). Look, anger aside, I'd like to have a truly open dialogue here. I LOVE these games. I've been playing games since I was a child and have happily paid for everything and supported these developers up until DRM came along, where it became a mixed bag. I love these games so much it honestly hurts me to personally not be able to support them. I WANT TO. But I can't let myself because I just can't support the DRM.

As for the link you sent ( ), I respond with this one:

I don't intend it as any kind of personal attack, it's just.....your link is why so many people hate EA. Bully tactics? Really? That's what you expect will make people want to buy your games? You don't understand the community. We want to support publishers that love games too and don't believe in scaring people into buying games, that trust their customers and believe in the games they publish enough to let them remain free. I want to pay $60 for the truly amazing games you've been publishing, but I NEED to be able to do what I want with them when I want and not have to worry about whether or not I can play this game in so many years, or why SecuROM is still on my computer after uninstalling one of your games and is nigh impossible to get off, or whatever else. It's just unsettling and not something I want to be associated with.

Please consider these things, perhaps pass them to the execs as well. Would love to continue this dialogue if you or anyone else there would too.

I love your games..please let me buy them.

First off, here is a link to manually remove SecuROM from your machine:

Second, SecuROM was applied to EA (and other company's) games to stop pirates from illegally downloading and also reproducing our games. Obviously this was needed as people would copy their games and give them to friends or simply download the game free of charge. So now that EA implemented some sort of copy protection to protect it's intellectual property some people have decided to pirate the game. Basically pirates caused the need for DRM which made it irritating for the rest of the paying players, which in-turn has caused people to pirate the game. Quite the conundrum.

The bottom line is gamers either buy the game and support the developers with future games or pirate the game and contribute directly to the need for more DRM. The way I see it is if you don't like the product, or something that comes with it, don't buy it.

These are just my personal thoughts and are not directly affiliated with EA. Unfortunately I cannot engage in further discussions as this is more appropriate for the forums.

Please do not pirate our games.

See, we see pretty eye to eye after all. :)


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chautemoc blogged
Jan 16, 09 9:35pm

-It's purdy
-Widescreen only is annoying as hell (anyone know a fix?)
-Not too demanding
-Cutscene animation style is kinda weird -- works for everything but the characters?
-Keyboard/mouse *bleep*ing rocks
-Runs smooth as a peach
-No runner vision is awesome, though I've only played the first chapter which, yeah, is easy

I have a 7800 GT, AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+, 1GB of RAM, and ran it on medium settings perfectly. High it seems to not like. :)
It crashed once, so I installed the latest C++ Redistributable as advised, and it seems to have fixed it up like a charm.

More impressions later. :)

Update: Still crashing. Seems I have some mysterious problem causing most new games to not work. Ack.

pc gaming related MirrorsEdge

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