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After its two weeks in the spotlight, the Humble THQ Bundle has ended, raising an impressive $5 million earned... posted Dec 13, 12 7:56am

Atmospheric shooter Metro 2033 is now a "bonfade hit" as opposed to a "cult hit" according to THQ's head of... posted Aug 6, 12 6:52am

Developed in part by former STALKER series staff, Metro 2033 was an underground hit in more ways than one.... posted Jan 14, 11 7:21pm

Released August 3 on Xbox LIVE, Metro 2033's "Ranger Pack" DLC hit some snags which were eventually resolved this... posted Sep 9, 10 12:55pm

4a games' atmosphere-heavy shooter Metro 2033 seems to have become a sleeper hit since its release earlier this... posted Jun 29, 10 4:26pm

Like Modern Warfare 2 and many games before it, 4a's post-apocalyptic FPS will be bundled with Steamworks on PC.... posted Feb 19, 10 10:47pm

For many of us, the first person shooter (FPS) genre is largely stagnated. How many times can you run around a... posted Oct 23, 09 4:01pm

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  • "This game is made by some people that left the STALKER franchise and they seem to have copied it almost entirely but in a fallout 3 package. Metro2033"
    betterthansoap Mar 30, 10 10:25am
  • "Outstanding STALKER Spinoff. Few minor achievements left. Metro2033"
    TragicHeroX Mar 27, 10 8:21pm
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