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The Overlord DLC launched today for Mass Effect 2 if you didn't notice, as did a new patch for the PC version of... posted Jun 16, 10 1:49am

BioWare doesn't traditonally release demos for its games, but that changed when we heard last week a demo would... posted Jun 15, 10 3:49pm

Yet more DLC is coming for Mass Effect 2, this time in the form of character content -- specifically: master... posted Mar 15, 10 4:57pm

Today's patch is brought to you by Garrus' evil twin Barrus. The first update is in for the PC version of... posted Feb 22, 10 8:48pm

[image3 link=yes width=340 height=191] True to its word and then some, BioWare is launching some new, free... posted Feb 8, 10 10:02pm

Enthusiasts running Mass Effect 2 under a CrossFireX setup may have a noticed a bug in the game's graphical... posted Jan 28, 10 8:35pm

Sci-fi shooter RPG Mass Effect 2 is going to launch really quite soon, and with that we have the obligatory... posted Jan 21, 10 7:56pm

Those who checked out the Mass Effect 2 Collector's Edition on any retailers websites already know a bit about... posted Jan 19, 10 7:02pm

We're off to see the Collectors... Got a Mass Effect 2 developer diary for you today, sirs. This one... posted Jan 19, 10 2:45am

[image1 link=yes width=345 height=194] If you haven't figured it out yet, Mass Effect 2 isn't going to be the... posted Jan 15, 10 9:43pm

[image1 link=yes width=172 height=97][image2 link=yes width=172 height=97] Today marks the release of... posted Jan 13, 10 9:35pm

Although the PR team seems to think gamers are "scared of RPGs", Mass Effect 2 producer Adrien Cho feels... posted Dec 4, 09 5:51pm

Continuing with the "character reveal" video series for Mass Effect 2, we're now introduced to Samara, an Asari... posted Dec 1, 09 7:57pm

Mass Effect fans planning to pick up the sequel on PC can likely shed fears now about whether or not they can... posted Nov 25, 09 5:46am

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