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Feb 16, 10 2:01am

Long time no see.

I finally started playing Mass Effect; been at it like mad this last week. Figure I should with the sequel out (will be picking up the CE next month I think -- the regular box art is ugly as sin).

Finding it addictive as hell. I played it before though at the time my PC was I guess not awesome enough for the game, which was stuttering for me. Runs like a beauty on Windows 7 64-bit (PS I love you, Windows 7).

(click 'share' for big version)

Anyway, I recorded a bit of gameplay, and as usual I'm screenshotting pretty things as I make my way through, so click an image here to check my gallery if you like.

Sniping is too fun for words. Who would play as anything but a sniper? Crazy people, that's who. Shepard is a commando solider. Sniping is his specialty but he knows his way around an assault rifle, too. ;)

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