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Yet another DLC pack has launched for action RPG Magicka, this one dubbed Grimnir's Labratory. This is another... posted Oct 30, 12 7:52am

Action RPG Magicka sees some new DLC today. Dubbed Magicka: Dungeons & Daemons, it is as you'd expect: an homage... posted Oct 12, 12 7:31am

For many PC publishers, digital makes for roughly half of sales these days -- a ways ahead of console titles, and... posted Jul 6, 11 9:32am

Last we'd seen, action RPG Magicka had broken 200,000 sales within two weeks of launch -- not shabby at all for... posted Jun 8, 11 10:53am

Developer Arrowhead appear to have really flown off the handle, revealing the first expansion to their action RPG... posted Mar 1, 11 6:01pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=366] Paradox and Arrowhead's action RPG Magicka suffered a rough launch on... posted Feb 11, 11 11:48pm

Last month we showed you a hilarious video detailing the reasons for the action RPG Magicka's delay. Today we... posted Oct 19, 10 3:25pm

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It's been awhile since we've written about Arrowhead's action RPG Magicka, but the game is still... posted Sep 13, 10 8:40pm

An independent studio has appeared! But we dare not attack them for 10HP, rather, we'd prefer to promote their... posted Oct 7, 09 4:45pm

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