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If you love robbing stores and shooting zombies or zombie-like creatures (in video games or real life), then the... posted Jul 26, 12 7:19am

[image1 link=yes width=345 height=243] Left 4 Dead players: Valve has a big treat for you today. If you haven't... posted Sep 29, 09 7:20pm

Chet Faliszek, community manager for Valve, announced recently a patch would be released for Left 4 Dead this week,... posted Jan 15, 09 5:49pm

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  • "wow this game is neat! fighting off zombies with 3 other friends and hilarious lines throughout the game! this game is just awesome! Left4Dead"
    Curtzilla Jul 22, 12 8:47pm
  • "Four survivors. Three generators. Two tanks. One horde. We survived it all. Online. Left4Dead"
    Peter May 12, 12 4:04am
  • "Crash Course is pretty goddamn overpriced, considering how short is, and how it isn't really any different to the other campaigns. Left4Dead"
    JasonKaotic Apr 7, 11 9:36am
  • "I love this game XD not even close to beating it Left4Dead"
    foxeth Mar 1, 11 5:14pm
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