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Two quality Tripwire Interactive games -- Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2 -- are getting some modding love.... posted Sep 24, 12 7:01am

Fans of horror shooter Killing Floor, gather ye round: yet another event is upon us, dubbed the 2012 Summer... posted Jul 9, 12 6:25am

Developer Tripwire Interactive must be telling the truth about its livelihood on Steam; they're releasing yet... posted Oct 23, 09 5:22pm

We previewed co-op zombie shooter Killing Floor's free Heavy Metal Content Pack last month, so if you haven't had a... posted Aug 24, 09 4:36pm

As we mentioned last week, the co-op zombie shooter Killing Floor has been due for some downloadable content (DLC),... posted Jul 27, 09 3:37pm

Fans of Tripwire Interactive's zombie shooter gone part-RPG Killing Floor (KF) should be delighted to know the first... posted Jul 21, 09 4:49pm

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