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Jul 20, 12 11:24am

If you picked up PC exclusive shooter Hard Reset and liked what you saw, there's more where that came from: the... posted Jul 13, 12 6:43am

Cyberpunk shooter Hard Reset, as previously mentioned, is expanding this year with some new levels, new enemies,... posted Jan 30, 12 11:39am

Flying Wild Hog's more or less favorably reviewed shooter Hard Reset is set to get some significant DLC in the... posted Dec 13, 11 8:52am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=366] Flying Wild Hog's first game is now extra delicious thanks to a new... posted Nov 2, 11 12:28pm

Sep 9, 11 6:52pm

Starting now, you can try out Flying Wild Hog's first game: the PC-exclusive cyberpunk shooter known as Hard... posted Sep 7, 11 8:44am

Aug 2, 11 9:41am
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Flying Wild Hog's first game Hard Reset debuted in the media a couple of weeks ago and was looking mighty fine in... posted Aug 1, 11 10:19am

Jul 14, 11 2:50pm
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Allow us to pull the curtain on 35-man developer Flying Wild Hog's first game: titled Hard Reset, it's a... posted Jul 13, 11 3:55pm

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