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While the Black Mesa team is busy not overhauling Half-Life and Valve is busy not making Half-Life 2: Episode... posted Jan 06, 10 7:56pm

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  • "Coming in close for third place on my "best games" list. So much fun to run through and all the characters breathe life. HalfLife2"
    metalfox57 Dec 27, 12 4:43am
  • "A very creative game that will quickly have you on the edge of your computer chair! HalfLife2"
    Curtzilla Jul 22, 12 8:43pm
  • "I don't get why people call this one of the greatest games ever. I liked the first one (which I also thought was very overrated) more. HalfLife2"
    Ecto5 Sep 06, 11 6:59pm
  • "Blah blah blah Mr Freeman. HalfLife2"
    Mouldy Cheese Jul 07, 11 8:09am
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