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Grand Theft Auto 4 is getting yet more love from the popular Icenhancer mod: version 2.5 is currently in the... posted Dec 28, 12 8:29am

Another week, another impressive Grand Theft Auto 4 mod. Or to be more precise, a series of mods. This one is for... posted Aug 30, 12 6:53am

Last week I'd written about about a mod which brought Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas into the superior Grand Theft... posted Aug 6, 12 7:43am

Modders are crazily passionate people, creating or recreating entire universes purely out of love for their... posted Aug 3, 12 7:17am

The final version of popular Grand Theft Auto 4 mod iCEnhancer has been released; download version 2.1 at the... posted Jul 18, 12 7:07am

The impressive iCEnhancer visual mod is back again, prettying up your Grand Theft Auto IV. Now it's in 2.0 form,... posted Feb 14, 12 9:56am

Modder 'IcE La Glace' has been making steady updates to his iCEnhancer mod for Grand Theft Auto IV, which... posted Jul 4, 11 11:14am

At long last, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City has launched on the PS3 and PC. Gamers once left... posted Apr 13, 10 5:33pm

PS3 and PC players alike were feeling a bit shafted following the release of Grand Theft Auto IV. While Xbox 360... posted Jan 29, 10 10:26pm

Though just a couple of days ago no date was projected for the Grand Theft Auto IV PC patch, it seems it'll be... posted Dec 8, 08 5:51pm

In the editorial on Grand Theft Auto IV's Digital Rights Management (DRM), I had praised the company for being... posted Dec 6, 08 7:07pm

I'd previously assumed (and prayed) Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC wouldn't include any Digital Rights Management... posted Nov 28, 08 5:37pm

Sigh. Grand Theft Auto IV has been getting all kinds of conflicting reports on its PC release date. I've heard... posted Nov 19, 08 5:22pm

The PC port of Grand Theft Auto IV has been delayed to December 20, reports say. It was already pushed back to... posted Nov 15, 08 6:21pm

The super official Grand Theft Auto IV LIVE Weekend begins this Friday, September 26, and will run through Sunday,... posted Sep 22, 08 3:55pm

Microsoft's Games for Windows page has lifted the veil on the upcoming PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV. For... posted Sep 13, 08 4:48pm

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