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Particularly since the release of the 1.7 patch, the community has made the once atrocious RPG Gothic 3 downright... posted Apr 30, 12 8:08am

The dispute between Gothic and Risen series developer Piranha Bytes and its former publisher JoWood has long been... posted May 6, 11 10:20am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=366] Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods is seen by all Gothic series fans as the worst... posted Nov 2, 10 4:25pm

Back in August we'd written about a new community-made patch for Piranha Bytes' classic-style RPG Gothic 3, set to... posted Oct 5, 09 3:53pm

Despite mod group World of Players (WoP) stating back in April their work on JoWood's Gothic 3 was complete, a... posted Aug 21, 09 5:10pm

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  • "Really cool. And no bugs no more. Wounderful grapic and good gameplay. 3 different countries. Epic! Gothic3"
    Havenssong Oct 13, 11 2:07pm
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