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A new major patch has been released for Stardock's strategy RPG Elemental: War of Magic, which improves the UI,... posted May 3, 11 10:40am

The newly announced Elemental expansion Fallen Enchantress won't be quite what you typically get. Stardock CEO... posted Jan 12, 11 8:57pm

Following last week's 1.11 update, we have some more Elemental goodies to share: the first expansion will be... posted Jan 11, 11 10:28pm

Awhile after its ill-received launch (and a ton of patches), developer/publisher Stardock hired on a well-known... posted Jan 4, 11 10:17pm

Sales for Elemental have been steadily increasing thanks to multiple patches since launch, and Stardock has been... posted Dec 15, 10 4:28am

First there was the random map generator, and now here's another big one for the Elemental modding community: the... posted Dec 1, 10 6:23pm

Elemental: War of Magic may have been released back in August, but the game is far from "done" -- especially as... posted Oct 12, 10 5:47pm

Another week, another huge Elemental patch. Today's brings us improved AI, tweaks to battles, a new handy city... posted Oct 1, 10 12:07am

In its newly outlined post-release schedule, Stardock has revealed all gamers who pick up the great strategy RPG... posted Sep 22, 10 3:02pm

Another major patch has been released for Elemental: War of Magic, bringing the game up to version 1.08. This... posted Sep 17, 10 12:46am

One of the complaints fan have had about Elemental: War of Magic is the 'seed maps' versus true randomly... posted Sep 7, 10 4:56pm

It's with a heavy heart we regret to inform you Stardock has laid off a number of staff following the "disastrous... posted Sep 4, 10 7:03am

Aug 30, 10 9:13pm

While we love Stardock's strategy RPG Elemental: War of Magic, one of the niggling issues has been suboptimal... posted Sep 3, 10 6:50pm

chautemoc blogged
Sep 1, 10 12:30am

I'm beginning to think many reviewers and also readers of reviews feel the point of a review is to look for things to hate about a game. This is particularly inspired by my Elemental review and the sentiment surrounding the game all throughout the gaming community, but by our reviews at Neoseeker in general and the subsequent reactions to them by some folks (the rest of you are great and we dearly appreciate the love).

This is not a self-righteous 'I do things this way, everyone else does it this way -- they are dumb haw haw haw' post, it's just to shed a little...sanity on the situation.

I should preface this by saying I've never analyzed my reviews before and am expressing this as I go. It might seem like a terrible way to go about things, but it really works best for me in all aspects of life, and I think it works best for a lot of readers too, in the case of Neoseeker content.

When I review, what I take in and what I write is primarily determined by two things: capitivation and fun. They can be closely tied of course, and I use both terms loosely. The point is this: I don't look for reasons to slam a game, I let myself experience it and write impressions based on that experience. I do the same with film and music and just about everything really.

Of course, it's not that I won't criticize a game. Obviously that's necessary. But this is about organics. If after or while letting myself experience a game I find it difficult to get into, or just generally unenjoyable, I'll go over the reasons why without overanalyzing to death.

Risen comes to mind. This was a game that really blew me away. Just standing in the middle of a field was a thoroughly captivating experience. Of course I won't give a game a 9.5 because standing in a field feels awesome, but moments like that comprise a very captivating experience. I feel similarly about shooters, believe it or not -- you know, that 'one more round' saying, then three hours later you realize you're overdue for sleep.

In the case of Elemental, I really don't want to get into semantics, but I'll just say this: yes, there is room for improvement. But I stand by my review. And if you're the numerical type: that's pretty much what the 1.0 left over is for.

While the days of PC games and their huge boxes and extensive contents as a standard are long gone, companies... posted Aug 27, 10 10:42pm

A couple of weeks ago I got my first, hard look at Stardock's strategy RPG Elemental: War of Magic, and... posted Aug 12, 10 10:46pm

chautemoc blogged
Aug 3, 10 9:58pm

In the second installment of what I'm calling the Neoseeker report, I'll again be going over what you can expect in the near future from the staff.

- Aksys reviews (BlazBlue, Deathsmiles, Record of Agarest War)
- More Elemental hands-on coverage (part one is here)
- Need for Speed World review tomorrow (sorry, numerous things have delayed it)
- Metroid: Other M preview (leochan and I will be heading to a hands-on event and chatting a bit with Nintendo about the game this week)
- Frictional Games interview about "unfun" games (they created the awesome, scary and upcoming Amnesia -- our preview)
- Mafia 2 feature/Q&A
- Guild Wars 2 wiki love
- Dragon Age 1 + 2 wiki love
- At least three hardware reviews this week
- Starcraft 2 features/editorials

We're also looking for a news writer on the east coast or in Europe/the UK. If you know somebody or are somebody, get on it. :)

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