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Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been out a good 10 months now, and its last PC patch was released seven months ago.... posted May 24, 12 6:31am

Aug 29, 11 12:35pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=406] Update: the patch is now live and brings the promised changes. Note 3D... posted Sep 15, 11 3:34pm

Something you may not have expected when booting up Deus Ex: Human Revolution tomorrow: ads. Littered throughout... posted Aug 22, 11 9:53am

May 4, 11 12:44pm
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Yesterday we debuted the first screens for the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, showing off the... posted May 4, 11 12:39pm

It's "PC week" for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and kicking it off we've got some PC-exclusive screens for the... posted May 3, 11 9:25am

Delayed for polish in December for an uncertain amount of time, Deus Ex: Human Revolution finally has release... posted Mar 9, 11 9:06am

Now that Deus Ex: Human Revolution has been delayed, we can show you some extra footage. Today's trailer focuses... posted Feb 3, 11 5:52pm

Initially planned to release somewhere in the January-March quarter, Square Enix has delayed the release of Deus... posted Dec 16, 10 6:57pm

The very first proper gameplay trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution has just been released, and ooh boy, it's a... posted Nov 18, 10 4:11pm

We revealed last week Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be getting some PC love in the form of DirectX 11 and... posted Nov 10, 10 4:28pm

Eidos was speaking recently about some PC-specific features for old-time Deus Ex fans in the upcoming Human... posted Nov 4, 10 7:59pm

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada has revealed not only is he planning on "reviving" Deus Ex 3, but his company wants... posted Oct 22, 10 6:31pm

The first gameplay footage for Deus Ex: Human Revolution has surfaced, depicting lead character Adam Jensen going... posted Aug 13, 10 4:21pm

Y'all probably remember the teaser trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution released in March. The... posted Jun 4, 10 5:24pm

As hinted yesterday, the debut trailer for Deus Ex: Human Revolution (previously known as Deus Ex 3) has now... posted Mar 12, 10 7:25pm

Deus Ex has been on the mind of many a gamer lately since the announcement of a third installment in the series.... posted Nov 8, 08 8:17pm

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