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Jan 27, 11 5:18pm

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Earlier this month, we reported Visceral Games was working on a patch to assist a disabled gamer in playing Dead... posted Feb 26, 11 7:42pm

If you're enjoying EA's shooter lineup and also enjoy recording gameplay videos to show off your skills or... posted Feb 17, 11 12:19am

Gareth Garratt is a gamer with cerebral palsy, but that doesn't keep him from his love of video games. Where he... posted Feb 8, 11 5:10pm

One of the things we really like about Dead Space 2 is that it's a real challenge even on Normal difficulty. As... posted Jan 29, 11 1:44am

Electronic Arts is developing quite a reputation for its promotional campaigns the last years as both inventive... posted Jan 16, 11 4:06am

Since hearing about Dead Space 2's planned multiplayer late last year, fans have been left to ponder how it could... posted Sep 2, 10 6:27pm

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=366] Perhaps you remember Visceral Games' senior VP Nick Earl saying in... posted Jul 22, 10 5:11pm

After first stating a PC version of Dead Space 2 is "not in the plan", then later saying it is in the plan but... posted May 12, 10 5:11pm

Since its announcement nearly five months ago, we've seen very little of actual Dead Space 2 assets -- just one... posted Apr 29, 10 3:50pm

Visceral Games is putting off a neat-o contest for Dead Space 2 wherein you can get your custom-designed "kill... posted Mar 8, 10 11:45pm

Whoops, looks like we spoke too soon. Though the PC listing for Dead Space 2 was dropped from EA's latest... posted Feb 11, 10 6:50pm

Though originally announced for consoles and PC, EA's Q3 fiscal year 2010 report showed us Dead Space 2 had been... posted Feb 9, 10 6:22pm

Electronic Arts Q3 fiscal year 2010 results are quite revelatory in what to expect next year: the company will be... posted Feb 9, 10 3:05am

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Community feeds

  • "much more improved over the original but still not amazing DeadSpace2"
    nasty nappa Jan 25, 12 5:22am
  • "An amazing game. Only improved on what DS1 offered. So many jumps an frights. Pure bliss in retrospect. Multiplayer was uninspired though. DeadSpace2"
    Machienzo Apr 20, 11 6:44pm
  • "Have yet to play it but, from what I've seen in a load of LP's, I'll probably prefer the original slightly over the second. DeadSpace2"
    Dark Arcanine Feb 25, 11 9:29am
  • "The multiplayer for Dead Space 2 looks sweet! Seems to be getting positive feedback too. DeadSpace2"
    Dark Arcanine Jan 28, 11 9:33pm
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