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Baby I was born to riiiide... You may have heard word Dead Space's Iead Isaac Clarke would be making a... posted May 20, 10 5:41pm

Electronic Arts (EA) has released its report for the 2008/2009 fiscal year, and the results are mixed. On the one... posted May 06, 09 4:01pm

I've never felt like a game was going to make me cry from fear before but I swear I think I'm gonna. Oh god mommy why. :(

And yeah, that's me getting gutted to hell by some *bleep*ing anthropomorphic product of religious zealotry *bleep*. I'm low on everything and its dark and there's a million of these *bleep*s that want to kill me and I'm pretty sure the big one can regenerate everything including its head and the door I need to get through is locked and I dont know how to unlock it. Oh god. Someone come over, I need a hug. :(

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