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After its two weeks in the spotlight, the Humble THQ Bundle has ended, raising an impressive $5 million earned... posted Dec 13, 12 7:56am

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  • "one of the greatest hack and slashers ive ever played but there bad glitches Darksiders"
    nasty nappa Jun 18, 11 3:10am
  • "awsome game amazing slaughtering game play big bad glitch though Darksiders"
    nasty nappa Aug 12, 10 7:26am
  • "Rented this, want it permanently. This game is actually really, really good. Like, awesome. It's exactly the sort of game Xbox 360 has... Darksiders"
    JasonKaotic Jul 22, 10 1:46pm
  • "bland and underwhelming. Darksiders"
    betterthansoap Mar 30, 10 11:28am
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