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Dark Souls turned out a bit crap on PC, if you haven't been paying attention. As often happens in the case of... posted Sep 20, 12 7:43am

Yet more assets are in from gamescom. This time, it's a trailer for the upcoming PC port of Dark Souls, and... posted Aug 15, 12 7:43am

Some new, some old screenshots plus concept art are here for the Dark Souls DLC known as "Artorias of the Abyss".... posted Jun 12, 12 7:18am

Back in April developer From Software noted in regard to the PC version of RPG Dark Souls that it's inexperienced... posted Jun 07, 12 6:52am

A new trailer for the PC version of hardcore RPG Dark Souls puts the PC textures in the limelight and shows them... posted Jun 06, 12 6:52am

When the PC edition of Dark Souls was announced, so was extra content, but no mention was made of that content... posted May 31, 12 6:07am

After fans rallied for months to get Dark Souls on PC and almost miraculously, succeeded, it turns out the game... posted Apr 17, 12 1:40pm

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  • "I am sitting outside Bell Gargoyles if anyone needs help. I'll be here for at least 1 more hour. Just summon me. (Staff and a sword) DarkSouls X360"
    Nexu Dec 31, 14 7:04pm
  • "I cant kindle it say I cant kindle when hollow plz help DarkSouls X360"
    ruebentrue Jun 09, 14 11:58am
  • "Finished every boss in Dark Souls and beat the game! ...and then immediately made a new character to keep playing! So fun! DarkSoulsPrepareToDieEdition PC"
    Sonic Flash Apr 18, 14 5:49pm
  • "Gravelord Nito and Seath are down, New Londo or Demon Ruins next up. Tomb of the Giants could have been worse, but what a pain... DarkSoulsPrepareToDieEdition PC"
    Sonic Flash Apr 13, 14 10:51am
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