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For all the fuss about Crysis 2 being pulled from Steam for ambiguous reasons, the game is now back on there in... posted May 30, 12 7:19am

Crytek may be offering DLC maps for Crysis 2, but that isn't stopping them from promoting fan-made ones. A newly... posted Oct 19, 11 7:00am

The DirectX 11 upgrade for Crysis 2 satisfied some PC enthusiasts, but certainly not all. In either case, you'll... posted Aug 2, 11 10:20am

Yesterday Crysis 2 PC players got hold of the DirectX 11-focused upgrade package, and today the community gets... posted Jun 29, 11 9:42am

Crysis 2 PC players can finally take full advantage of the latest hardware and technology: the "DirectX 11 Ultra... posted Jun 27, 11 9:15am

Between the upcoming editor and SDK, recently unlocked graphics options, and soon the DirectX 11 patch, Crysis 2... posted Jun 22, 11 10:42am

Update: the patch is now live; grab it through the built-in updater now. Steam users may have to wait until... posted May 26, 11 9:30am

Update: the map pack has been released on Xbox 360 and PC; PS3 owners will have to wait some -- a date hasn't yet... posted May 10, 11 12:56am

Crysis editor. Crytek's famed CryEngine 3 will be going public this summer in a couple of ways: first, in... posted Apr 21, 11 9:50am

Crytek made a name for themselves long ago as pushing the technical boundaries on PC, and more recently on... posted Apr 18, 11 1:20pm

Following no shortage of rumors, Crytek has finally confirmed a DirectX 11 patch is in the works for the PC... posted Apr 8, 11 11:11am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=367] If you've been unable to play Crysis 2 multiplayer on PC, we have a... posted Mar 24, 11 2:29pm

Some PC fans have been waiting years to get their hands on the sequel to Crysis, 2007's masterful shooter. Just... posted Mar 1, 11 1:55am

If you're enjoying EA's shooter lineup and also enjoy recording gameplay videos to show off your skills or... posted Feb 17, 11 12:19am

While some were quick to infer Crytek would be giving up on the PC as a result of the recent leak, the company... posted Feb 17, 11 12:12am

Forget the leak: the Crysis 2 multiplayer PC demo is hitting March 1, in less than two weeks. This is expected to... posted Feb 16, 11 5:10pm

Following the recent gameplay footage and multiplayer video, today we see another side of Crysis 2: the... posted Feb 15, 11 5:36pm

You may have heard an early, incomplete PC version of Crysis 2 leaked online recently. Firstly, we hope our... posted Feb 14, 11 11:15pm

We've seen quite a lot of multiplayer Crysis 2 footage; now we finally get a decent look at single player. This... posted Feb 12, 11 8:29pm

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  • "It's a good shooter Crysis2"
    GTAfan2 Jul 3, 11 4:53pm
    Pokemonfan19 Jun 7, 11 1:22pm
  • "This better have graphics as good as the first one. Glad the stealth style of game-play is more accessible. Crysis2"
    Sonic_2 Aug 5, 10 10:44pm
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