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Console players finally got to see what all the fuss was about the Crysis series with Crysis 2 recently, but soon... posted Sep 9, 11 8:52am

Crytek made a name for themselves long ago as pushing the technical boundaries on PC, and more recently on... posted Apr 18, 11 1:20pm

[image1 link=yes width=188 height=259 float=left] If you're a Crysis fan and happen to live in Nottingham, UK, you... posted Sep 29, 09 7:54pm

To those that have been watching their copy of Crysis collect dust, you may be inclined to bust that sucker out... posted Jan 6, 09 6:07pm

I remember back last summer I reported on a military supercomputer called 'Roadrunner'. The machine had reached a... posted Nov 19, 08 5:27pm

Gamers who wondered how much that beast of a game Crysis cost to make: wonder no more. At the Games Convention... posted Aug 19, 08 3:37pm

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  • "Use a Radeon 4870 to play it maxed out (except for AA, don't really need it @ 1920x1080 resolution). Crysis"
    Shadow of Death May 7, 09 12:37am
  • "Pretty damn good Crysis"
    Monterey Jack Apr 3, 09 2:27pm
  • "Only bought it for the graphics which killed my system Crysis"
    Terranigma Fan Jan 21, 09 8:17pm
  • "Sweeet FPS, in more ways than one. Completed it about three times now using different strategies. Crysis"
    ACY3 Nov 8, 08 10:01am
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