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The latest Humble Bundle is hard to deny as by far the best yet, including independent hits like the horrific... posted Jun 15, 12 6:37am

As with many efforts that struggle against the current, story-heavy platformer Braid has been called out by some... posted Aug 9, 11 3:10pm

Casual games publisher MumboJumbo has told the world its putting the beloved adventure title Braid out on retail... posted Jan 20, 10 12:03am

Gamers who picked up the newly released Braid on PC may have been treated to a showstopping bug or two, among... posted Apr 15, 09 4:00pm

Platformer fans or just those who dig surrealism, violin and/or time manipulation who didn't play Braid on Xbox LIVE... posted Apr 11, 09 6:15pm

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  • "Finally got around to playing this game! Got all the puzzles pieces, but no stars Braid"
    Sonic Flash Mar 7, 13 12:33pm
  • "This is the greatest game of all time. Braid"
    Ecto5 Sep 30, 11 10:49pm
  • "Went back to this recently. Got a lot more puzzle pieces, but still don't enjoy it at all. Braid"
    Dark Arcanine Jun 9, 11 7:02pm
  • "So far, I don't see much difference between this title and the average online free-to-play flash game. Braid"
    Dark Arcanine Jan 5, 11 1:38am
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