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If you prefer to keep the mystery about a game before you play it, watching the video below would be a terrible... posted Dec 19, 12 8:33am

BioShock Infinite has been delayed a second time, this time by a month to March 26, versus the previous February... posted Dec 7, 12 8:08am

Vaguely famous cosplayer Anna Moleva aka Ormeli has long made it her hobby to dress up as video game characters,... posted Dec 4, 12 7:25am

Unlike 2010's BioShock 2, the forthcoming BioShock Infinite will not have a multiplayer component. This news... posted Nov 26, 12 7:01am

About once a year, a game trailer comes along that blows every other trailer released that year out of the water.... posted Oct 22, 12 8:15am

Two Collector's Editions will be available for the BioShock Infinite enthusiasts out there, one of which includes... posted Oct 18, 12 7:55am

Publisher 2K Games seems to be miraculously lenient with its developers and release schedules, first moving an... posted May 9, 12 6:32am

[image1 link=yes width=650 height=363] Not that you expected different, but BioShock Infinite won't offer... posted Mar 8, 12 10:45am

Games going mainstream has given us mainstream difficulty, much to the chagrin of oldschool players who cut their... posted Jan 19, 12 7:38am

Back around the time BioShock Infinite was revealed, we were somewhat dissapointed to learn such a fresh looking... posted Nov 29, 10 6:24pm

One of the sticking points for some gamers with BioShock was for all its inventiveness, it did at times play like... posted Aug 20, 10 5:54pm

Aug 12, 10 6:44pm
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After much teasing, Irrational Games has finally revealed its secret "Icarus Project" as BioShock... posted Aug 12, 10 5:53pm

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