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Update: the content is now live. You thought it'd never happen, but here it is: the BioShock 2 Minvera's... posted May 17, 11 4:06pm

As promised many moons ago, the BioShock 2 "Protector Trials" single player DLC has been released free on PC,... posted Mar 14, 11 2:27pm

2K recently stated the BioShock 2 DLC "Minerva's Den" and "Protector Trials" would not be coming to PC, however,... posted Oct 27, 10 6:08pm

[image1 link=yes width=325 float=right] Reception to BioShock's sequel has been mixed, with some fans feeling... posted Aug 13, 10 5:10pm

A new patch has today been released for both the PC version (and we assume console versions) of BioShock... posted May 28, 10 5:14pm

Know that BioShock 2 DLC we've been promoting this past while? Turns out it's already included on the game disc... posted Mar 13, 10 12:39am

[image1 link=yes width=345 height=194] The second update for the PC version of BioShock 2 has been released... posted Feb 23, 10 7:55pm

Been enjoying BioShock 2's multiplayer? Soon you'll be able to enhance the experience if that's what you're into,... posted Feb 22, 10 10:32pm

The first patch for the PC version of BioShock 2 has arrived, bringing with it a fairly lengthy list of fixes. No... posted Feb 14, 10 12:39am

Ain't no partay like a Rapture partay. BioShock 2 launches Tuesday, and perhaps feeling the might of EA's... posted Feb 3, 10 8:19am

Image credit: *RedDevil00 Through the game's new Steam page, BioShock 2's system requirements have been... posted Jan 20, 10 7:12pm

After a delay made this past summer, Take Two has announced an official release date for BioShock 2: February 9,... posted Sep 18, 09 4:16pm

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First thing's first: BioShock 2 is prawwwwbably coming to the PlayStation 3. The more observant among you (on posted Oct 24, 08 3:57pm

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  • "So getting trap rivets in a Protector Trial I naturally surround the Little Sister with them and earn an easy A+ rank. BioShock2"
    InsanityS Sep 25, 16 2:11pm
  • "Games For Windows Live Enabled BioShock2"
    Piotrusp98 Jan 29, 12 12:31pm
  • "just picked this up for $5 from Steam's summer sale BioShock2"
    Redemption Jul 2, 11 4:12pm
  • "Not sure if I want this game outside of curiosity now. At least you have the plasmid and gun out at the same time in the sequel. BioShock2"
    Dark Arcanine Apr 22, 11 3:57pm
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