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The Minecraft community impresses once more: a team of fans have re-created the "feel" of the world of BioShock... posted Oct 19, 10 7:48pm

There are a lot of impressive case mods out there, but few as much as this "Aquarium Media Center PC", made in... posted Oct 5, 10 5:09pm

Likely thought dead by many, BioShock series creator Ken Levine has confirmed in a radio interview the BioShock... posted Aug 31, 10 5:11pm

If PC gamers feel left in the cold for all the delays, just imagine how Mac users feel -- a year or two (sometimes... posted Sep 25, 09 1:38am

So, in light of the BioShock movie being announced on the horizon, I got a little excited and decided to talk about... posted Jun 10, 08 4:43pm

May 25, 08 7:46pm
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  • "That awesome moment when you trigger enemy spawns and they get cut down by the turrets you already hacked. BioShock"
    InsanityS Jan 21, 16 9:51am
  • "Having a security bot assist is nice, but that noise... BioShock"
    InsanityS Jan 16, 16 1:13pm
  • "AMAZING. 9.3/10 BioShock"
    samwise995 Feb 2, 13 11:40am
  • "Too scared to even continue this game right now. :( BioShock"
    Dragoon Dec 30, 12 11:43am
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