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Beat Hazard Ultra, a shoot-em-up fueled by music, is one of the more unique titles around, and by no coincidence,... posted Jan 2, 12 9:17am

PC and 360 players have been enjoying the Beat Hazard for years now; soon PS3 players will be able to get in on... posted Sep 19, 11 8:45am

Update: support for both items is now live. Beat Hazard fans, PC gamers, and music junkies will be pleased... posted Jul 8, 11 12:36pm

Jun 24, 11 11:12am

[image2 link=yes width=650 height=184] Our review of Beat Hazard could be described as glowing -- really, we... posted Nov 1, 10 4:01pm

Missed out Beat Hazard review. No worries, little guy, it's right here. We're awfully sweet on the game, a... posted Apr 23, 10 6:10pm

Apr 21, 10 8:45pm
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Community feeds

  • "Just reached 13,694,894,080 points. Rank 47 for total score . Also, rank 74 on songs 5-6 minutes long. BeatHazard"
    Solar_Inferno Oct 14, 11 8:10am
  • "Just reached 7,900,000,000 points. Rank 98 on the leaderboards for total score . Played the same song repeatedly to grind points lol. BeatHazard"
    Solar_Inferno Sep 16, 11 10:51am
  • "Just reached 5,000,000,000 points . Rank 180 on the leaderboards for total score. BeatHazard"
    Solar_Inferno Sep 6, 11 2:14pm
  • "Elite 398 with 4,009,112,064 points. Also I'm now Rank 15 on the Boss Rush leaderboards with 113,281,504 points at Wave 48. BeatHazard"
    Solar_Inferno Sep 3, 11 11:26am
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