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The screenshot above represents the first look anyone has gotten at the upcoming Battlefield 3: End Game... posted Dec 21, 12 7:31am

Battlefield 3 expansion "Aftermath" launches today for Premium players on PS3, so you know what that means: patch... posted Nov 27, 12 7:36am

The Battlefield 3 expansion Aftermath is nearly here -- and it feels like Armored Kill launched almost yesterday.... posted Nov 20, 12 8:11am

If for the past while you've had trouble signing into Battlelog for some Battlefield 3 and/or Medal of Honor:... posted Nov 2, 12 7:19am

Earlier in the week, I reported DICE would be introducing an option to remove the colour grading aka blue tint... posted Oct 24, 12 8:02am

If you're one of many still complaining about the blue tint in Battlefield 3, you'll be happy to learn DICE is... posted Oct 22, 12 8:05am

If you're one of those people that likes playing Battlefield 3 on servers with the vehicle respawn timers cranked... posted Oct 19, 12 7:53am

A new trailer is in for the Battlefield 3 DLC dubbed "Aftermath", and quite unexpectedly, features a crossbow.... posted Oct 18, 12 8:11am

DICE is on a bit of a roll lately; after a large patch on September 4, they released a server side patch which... posted Oct 11, 12 7:50am

The excellent app and mod group Realmware yesterday released their Battlefield 3 "Colour Tweaker" to short-lived... posted Oct 4, 12 7:52am

The three winners of the second 'Only in Battlefield 3' video contest have been chosen. If you don't recall or... posted Sep 28, 12 7:47am

ESN is the company behind Battlelog, the now cemented foundation of shooter Battlefield 3. Earlier today it was... posted Sep 26, 12 8:08am

ESN is the company behind Battlelog, the now cemented foundation of shooter Battlefield 3. Earlier today it was... posted Sep 26, 12 8:07am

The second run of DICE's wonderful "Only in Battlefield 3" is now on. If you're not familiar, fans, enthusiasts,... posted Sep 18, 12 7:50am

Though developer DICE has decided against releasing mod tools for Battlefield 3, and also apparently encrypted... posted Sep 3, 12 7:34am

Developer DICE has detailed on its official blog what to expect when Battlefield 3 expansion Armored Kill drops... posted Sep 3, 12 7:09am

While Battlefield 3 has improved quite a bit since its somewhat sorry state at launch, one critical flaw has... posted Aug 9, 12 7:37am

If you don't recall the first "Only in Battlefield 3" video challenge, it was held early this year and asked... posted Aug 2, 12 7:38am

Remember the video above? It's some of the very first Battlefield 3 gameplay footage you saw. Well, that's... posted Jul 27, 12 7:27am

Developer DICE has been babbling for awhile now about the Battlefield 3: Armored Kill map "Bandar Desert" being... posted Jul 13, 12 7:23am

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