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Amateur developer "oldschool.Dave" is working on a project dubbed Aliens vs Marine, which remakes the marine... posted Nov 9, 12 7:02am

Though Aliens vs. Predator has seen a couple map packs released, and a somewhat successful movie, the previously... posted Jul 15, 10 6:37pm

Ahead of the upcoming patch, ATI has released a hotfix driver for the PC version of Aliens vs. Predator. The... posted Feb 25, 10 10:52pm

For anyone that's run into game-crushing issues with Aliens vs. Predator on the PC, a patch is coming Monday for... posted Feb 25, 10 8:09pm

Following our announcement of the Aliens vs. Predator demo on Steam, many users (including ourselves) reported an... posted Feb 5, 10 7:04pm

Update: it's live on Steam. Update 2: live on XBLM. Craving a taste of Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator... posted Feb 3, 10 7:11pm

Rebellion's Aliens vs. Predator is a rare instance in gaming: a full-on remake of an old, classic title, as... posted Jan 23, 10 12:29am

A new trailer for the Aliens vs. Predator reboot has landed at Neoseeker, this one giving a nearly three minute... posted Dec 23, 09 4:45am

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