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Feb 23, 12 8:04pm


[image2 link=yes width=650 height=257] So much for Microsoft's theory of horror game Alan Wake not being... posted Feb 20, 12 10:35am

Alan Wake is set to launch any minute now via Steam, after years of waiting from PC gamers. While you wait... posted Feb 16, 12 9:20am

Since the recent announcement Alan Wake was finally making its way to PC, players have been noting the game had... posted Feb 2, 12 8:56am

The announcement last month Remedy's horror game Alan Wake was finally coming to PC surprised everyone. Even... posted Jan 23, 12 10:13am

Microsoft seemed to believe horror game Alan Wake was a much better fit for Xbox 360 than PC, and dedicated all... posted Dec 14, 11 8:23am

Microsoft's explanation for the canning of Alan Wake on the PC was far from satisfactory to many -- even console... posted Feb 22, 10 9:38pm

Despite Microsoft announcing the cancelation of the PC version of Alan Wake last week, ardent fans are not giving... posted Feb 15, 10 6:17pm

Though many PC gamers have been holding out hope mystery game Alan Wake would eventually make its way to PC,... posted Feb 12, 10 9:18pm

A few weeks ago we wrote about the PC version of Alan Wake, which it seems has been indefinitely postponed by... posted Aug 4, 09 8:02pm

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