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..what a *bleep*ing treat working with everyone over [in Britain]. Pretty much the exact opposite experience of doing a show [in America]. The studio and network all treat you like an equal. Shockingly, they will defer to you! Never any insipid notes like, "can you make the Irish woman with rickets a German teen-age boy with secret chocolate wings and a time machine? And also make him claymation? We think that will really broaden our audience that we're trying to sell Gatorade to. We have a study that shows that electric grape flavored Gatorade is the flavor of choice with fans of claymation, time-traveling, chocolate German angels."


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Why did no one tell me this before?
I wish they'd made an unlockable minigame for it -- it's that fun.
I don't hate the pope or's just oddly satisfying.
Take that, pope!

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Holy hell. Woman still has it, alright.


CD Projekt's Michal Kicinski on The Witcher:

What's more, we insisted that no matter how much we respect the advice of experienced publishers, at the end of the day we've got the final word on anything regarding creativity. We didn't want the vision of the game to be in any way distorted or damped. An odd example of that occured during a conversation with a publisher who said that on account of their market research players overall want their protagonist to be an elfish woman and that if we had changed The Witcher accordingly they would have considered negotiating a contract :)

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