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Feb 22, 09 1:00pm

Well, it's terribly late, but as I said last month, I have some further Mirror's Edge impressions.

But first, the reason for the delay is those errors I mentioned. Well, they're gone! I'm not sure if I fixed it or if it was the upgrading of hardware, but anyway it's gone! Unfortunately I seem to be getting some stuttering still in games, though it's only really bothersome in Prince of Persia (as in, to the point I don't like to play it), which I think is a problem with the game itself, as many people on the internets suffer the same thing.

As for hardware, I recently picked up some sweet RAM for dirt cheap (up to 2GB now, and the speed is much higher), and thanks to Kevin and Redemption (as you know him), I acquired this gorgeous video card for cheap (considering). I've been telling people it's a beast in a tank wrapped in a tornado. It's true!

So the only thing really left to get to complete my rig is a monitor. My current one is fine for werk and all, but for gaming, it's crap. Kevin says using the R4830 on my monitor (which only supports a max 1024x768 resolution) is "like driving a Ferrari in a parade". Worse, I've been playing ME in 800x468 to kill the awful. This is the one I'm going to get, hopefully sooner rather than later. Naturally I'll be blathering like an idiot once it's mine. :)

Regarding the stuttering issue, I'm wondering if it might be related to this crap arse monitor somehow. Hopefully everything is (vegetarian) gravy once I get that.

So, Mirror's Edge. It's *bleep*ing FUN. The only real complaint I have about it is you maybe get stuck too often, which interrupts the flow of the game. However, I'm starting to become more accustomed to the game idiosyncrasies and am finding myself welcoming its challenges (mostly anyway). BUT, I am still bent on this 'free run mode' idea, and feel this would be the perfect counterpart to the challenge story mode presents. Especially with the could be so fun. If it or something like it isn't in the sequel, I'm gonna be pissed.

Also, runner vision is for wusses. I can confirm this, and my speculations about the 'exploration' feel being there without it were accurate..the game is not too challenging without it, though naturally you will probably die more often (from the Blues, most likely), especially if you try not to rely on the help function like I do. Similar thing for not using guns -- you just kinda get used to it. I certainly prefer not to use them.

Combat is annoying as hell til you get the hang of it. Once you do though, it's the best thing ever. So satisfying. Speaking of which, partly for you guys, I redid this one section in the game until it was to my satisfaction, and recorded it. Check it:

(Full screen version can be found here.)

The game is also gorgeous, even on this monitor and at such an awful I can't wait to behold it on the new one. Yum!

So basically for anyone open to it, it's a must have, especially on PC! :)

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chautemoc blogged
Feb 14, 09 3:33am

Something amusing has been making the rounds at the office today which I thought I'd let you all in on. It seems an article I quoted yesterday in regards to disbarred lawyer Jack Thompson in the comments section for Lydia's article on the "*bleep* stimulation" game RapeLay found its way to the man himself -- he demanded we remove it and tell him when we do. Everything checks out too, it was him alright.

We've got this site called GameGrep if you haven't heard of it, Jack..should check it out sometime...

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Feb 7, 09 12:22am

मुक्ति says:
there are eight expansion packs, six different editions, and four spin off SERIES
the sims: ikea home stuff
i told kevin if i was friends with someone and they bought that one i would stop being friends with them
i was addicted to the first one for a couple months about then that was enough for me
no problem with t he main games
but four pages worth?
thats *bleep*ed up
nobody needs that shit
especially not a *bleep*ing ikea themed sims
jesus christ
i want to puke and die
will wright can *bleep* my *bleep*ing *bleep*

PS: To everyone freaking out about the Sims 3 delay -- get a freakin life!

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Feb 6, 09 12:41am

"And Sessler spoke unto the game publishers, and the game publishers saw that it was good, and lo, the will of Sessler was obeyed."

-Book of Sesslerians*, Chapter 1:1

For those of you that've been around GameGrep the past day or two, you may have noticed this article.

In short, it's probably the best opinion piece-ish thing I've ever seen in my life,so...WATCH IT.

Adam Sessler, as you may know, is one of the hosts of X-Play..I've been following him since the show the creeper I am. Anyway, after seeing this I went traversing the internet and found a couple cool things, one of em being an old G4TV discussion between him, Jack Thompson, and this nice fellow from GameDaily.

Its freaking awesome, but far too short. Especially with them having a web video service thing..they really should've let it go for as long as it needed..would've been very interesting to see.

I'd like to use a couple of quotes here to complement the discussion (first is paraphrased):

What was the name of that video game Hitler used to play? And what were those violent video games he gave to the..entire German republic?
- David Cross

There’s so much comedy on television. Does that cause comedy in the streets?
- Dick Cavett

On top of that I found out there's a whole feed for the Soapbox episode things, so if you're interested, go here


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Feb 2, 09 12:45am

I've been avoiding posting here lately due to the censorship going on. Personally I dont think posting a humourous image which happens to contain the word "*bleep*" warrants deletion of the post without explanation, indication of who deleted it, and an option for debate with said person. I was considering not posting here anymore, but thing is, I like to, so I will. So for anything that's censored, I'll post something else with an explanation of the given post.

I was partly inspired to write this due to this huge and terribly heartwarming news (please read if at all interested!):

(Link to the peformance for non-American users here. Region locking=lame!).

Oh and to the writer -- its extremely easy to just paint him as an atheist. If you actually pay attention to his material, he's very religious and spiritual. Why does attacking the flaws and evils of one religion make you an atheist?

I'm a huge Bill Hicks fan -- he's definitely my favourite comedian (followed closely by George Carlin, Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman and David Cross, in no particular order), partly because I relate to him on a personal level so well. I highly recommend checking him out -- there's some full performances up on Google Video.

In the documentary on his life ("It's Just a Ride"), there are some interview clips with Letterman where he says he would've done things differently in retrospect. He seemed truly heartfelt about it, so this is very good to see. Just wondering why it took so long?

Anyway, here's to freedom of speech and beautiful spirits like Bill Hicks.

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